Howdy!  I'm an actor and filmmaker living in lovely Pasadena, CA.


I grew up in small-town Salina, Kansas.  (That's the state smack in the middle of the country, and the town smack in the middle of the state!)  From a very early age, I absolutely loved dressing up in costumes and playing pretend. 

3 yr old Bogart.png

Here's lookin' at you, kid.


I grew up in a very creative household - my mother happens to be one of the most talented illustrators I've ever encountered, and my father is never happier than on stage at the local community theater.  During my teens I followed suit in both directions and picked up both the scripts and the sketchpad.  I loved painting, music, and most of all acting.  

Despite my artistic inclinations, I had also excelled as a student in math and science.  When it came time for college, I somehow convinced myself to study something "more practical."  I graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics with an Aerospace concentration in 2013.

After entering the workforce as a wind turbine engineer, it took a mere three months before I realized that I absolutely had to pursue my true interests in the arts. I abandoned the job, and now live in Pasadena, CA pursuing a career as a full-time actor and filmmaker.  I love playing pretend again!